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How much should I water my Tree in Tucson.

How much should I water my Tree in Tucson.
The other day I removed a large tree that had fallen over. When I arrived on the site I was asked "the wind was not blowing that hard, why did it fall over?" The answer was an easy one as the 4 1/2 foot hole in the ground left by the root ball exposed wet, nearly muddy soil beneath. 
Often as the leading Tree Service in Tucson I get asked, how much should I water my Tree? 
Well the answer is always different depending on many factors, but the basic truths are the same and I wanted to share them with you.
Knowing your tree is the first step in feeling out a watering plan. being able to identify any difference in leaf discoloration, scorch or wilt is a great identifier of your tree's water content. Tree's photosynthesize through evaporation from tiny holes on the leaves, lack of moisture in the soil will cause great distress on the leaves as drying out is an immediate withdrawal of vital nutrition to the stems with hopes of future bud growth. Secondary to this as the tree is put in stress is micro organisms setting in. A dehydrated tree is a great candidate for pest's to attack. 
When do I water and How much should I water my Tree in Tucson? Well when is a good place to start. Spring to fall with a fertilizer often twice a year depending on your conditions. One thing to remember is that tree's store all the energy needed for their spring growth in the fall. So Fall is a great time to ensure health for the following year. You also want to do your Tree Trimming in Tucson during March and your Tree Removal in Tucson during the fall. During the Summer you can get away with watering more excessively, but always remember that tree's can not absorb or convert nutrition into an energy source during the winter so to much water during this time can put your tree at risk.
Over 90% of a tree's root system is in the top 12 inches of soil, so watering with a hose 4 foot deep is too much, but a sprinkle from the irrigation is not enough. I would recommend a soaker hose in the evening allowing it to permeate an area over night. Come out the next day and put your shovel in the soil. You should be able to see how deep your water soaked in. (This will vary with every area as construction grading influences natural top soil when we develop residential area's) Once your depth is determined, adjust to achieve a soaking 1 to 2 foot deep. You can water over night with a soaker every week, just change location on your tree, try to stay away from the practice of putting it by the base of the tree. Many of the outer roots are in search of moisture and lack of it can jeopardize the whole root (a pine tree's a good example of a tree that can have a whole root die from decreased moistures on the outer ends), so water in quadrants if possible, North, South, East and West. Try to determine the length of your roots by tree size, age, type, and environmental factors. This will help in watering the vital area's of the root system.
Good judgment is needed in all watering plans. I think the growth of your tree and being in touch with it's needs is the most important factor. If you have been watering more than normal and see leaf wilting it most likely is not due to lack of water. If you are having trouble with the health of your tree call a Tucson Arborist or Tree Service in Tucson that specializes in the area of need. Sometimes it is important to hire the perfect company to do your Tree Trimming in Tucson and your Tree Removal in Tucson. As always I hope this blog was some help to you in how you should water your tree.

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