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What is an Arborist? 

A Tucson Arborist is an individual engaged in the profession of Arboriculture who, through experience, education and related training, possesses the competence to provide or supervise the management of tree and other woody plants. This person should be at the top of Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona and advanced Tree Removal in Tucson, Arizona.

At Tucson Tree Care we pride ourselves in the ongoing education of our Local Tree Service. Yearly we request additional training and expansion in the trade of Arboriculture doing Tree Trimming in Tucson, Arizona. Customer Service as a Tree Removal Service is our goal and we are not afraid to tell you that we do not know if it is an area of diagnosis or advanced Tree Service in Tucson that we are not familiar with. Every Tucson Arborist has an area of specialty, ours is Tree Removal for Tucson, Arizona. We specialize in the art of removal, with a minor in trimming and stump grinding.
We understand that other Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona may say they are more experienced in one area and we may be more equipped in another, with that said we pride ourselves in offering you the best Tree Service in Tucson. Our Tucson Tree Removal company promises not to take short cuts and provide a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. 

Every year our Tucson Arborist are more educated, experienced and able to provide the best Tree Trimming Service that Tucson has and that a Tucson Arborist is able to provide. We also provide professional Tree Planting for Tucson and we are a fully licensed Tree Service.


A Little Bit about Us
Tucson Tree Care is a privately owned and operated company based in the Tucson area since 1983. With the help of our professional yet friendly staff, well keep your tree's looking healthy and well-manicured with advanced Tree Trimming for Tucson. We only use the best equipment, fertilizers and tree care products. Our expert Tree Service in Tucson is tailored to bring out the best in your yard while suiting your budget. At Tucson Tree Care, we understand that your yard is an important investment that deserves the best treatment. Leave the care to the experts while you focus on whats really important to you.

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