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Tree Removal Tucson
Tree Removal Tucson
Tree Removal in Tucson, Arizona is a needed part of residential and commercial properties. Often we find ourselves with dead and diseased tree's or aggressive tree roots in an area where we may want to replant and have some positive tree shade provided.

We pride ourselves at Tucson Tree Care in offering first class Tree Removal for Tucson, Arizona. Our equipment is suited for top Tree Removal in Tucson and our staff is trained in specialized Tree Trimming in Tucson, Arizona.

Often people ask me how I got started cutting tree's. As a young child we had a huge tree in our back yard and for years growing up we climbed this 60+ foot tree and made tree forts. At the age of 8 a friend fell from 30 feet and my neighbor also fell having to go to the hospital. It taught us a great respect for tree climbing and I feel that it is the main reason I have not had an accident doing Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona. Fear is sometimes a good thing. During these years I really loved that tree and felt a friendship with it, almost as in the book "The Giving Tree". Later in my young teen years I saw another way that Tree's give to us when I lived in the Ozark mountains. I did a lot of Tree Removal at that young age and it was a needed part of supplying heat during the rough winter for the 7 ranches that we supplied. It was a period of time in my life where I spent a lot of time in the forest and enjoying the company of a Local Tree Service. Into my young adult life I was allowed to see another side of tree's as I worked as a master woodworker for several years. It is enjoyable seeing tree's being used for beautiful works of art that can be functional and heirlooms for years to come. All of this combined with coming from a family that has 45 combined years of Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona has made us who we are today. Tucson Tree Service videos and a great community page dealing with Tucson Tree Service.
About 15 years ago my friend (who fell out of a tree) said he was going to start a Tree Service in Tucson and I didn't think much of it. I more looked at him as a landscaper since we were not in the forest with the big tree's. Over the years I worked with him doing Tree Trimming in Tucson, Arizona and come to find that there are some big tree's around outside of the forest and I also found that I am at home doing Tree Trimming in Tucson. It takes me back to my childhood and for me it is not like work but a passion. So that is why I cut tree's. Several years ago I broke of from my friends tree companies and started my own. What I found is that I am advanced at Tree Removal in Tucson and that is the reason that I specialize in Tree Trimming in Tucson, Arizona.

My hope is that you have a great experience with our Tucson Tree Service company and get the finished result you deserve. Please know that I love tree's and respect their place in our environment as living organisms that give, give and give to us. In an economy that is struggling we have found a great following by offering affordable Tree Removal in Tucson as a Fully Licensed, Bonded, Insured and Accredited Tree Service for Tucson, Arizona.

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